Bread & Cakes

Core Bread Lines

​Morning Goods

​Small Loaves

​ Hovis Soft White Medium
 Hovis Soft White Thick
 Hovis Wholemeal Medium
 Hovis Wholemeal Thick
 Hovis Best of Both
 Hovis Granary
 Hovis White Granary
​Hovis Crumpets (6)
Hovis Muffins (4)
Hoivs Teacakes (4)
​Hovis Scotch Pancakes
Hovis Luxury Scones
​Hovis Soft White Medium
Hovis Soft White Thick
Hovis Wholmeal
Hovis Granary
Hovis Nimble
Hovis Nimble Wholemeal

Hovis Premium ​



 7 Seeds
 7 Seeds Wholemeal
 Farmer's Wholemeal
 Farmers Farmhouse
 ​1lb Chocolate Fudge
 1lb Chocolate Moist
 1lb Chocolate Rocher
 1lb Coffee & Walnut
 1lb Coffee Rocher
 1lb Carrot
 1lb Lemon Drizzle
 1lb Sticky Toffee
 1lb Cherry Madeira
 1lb Jam & Coconut
 1lb Ginger
Small Treacle Tart 13.8oz
Medium Treacle Tart 1lb 9oz
Made by Sticky Fingers, Chillington
All bread and cake items, other than the core bread lines on the top left hand side of the page, are subject to 48 hour ordring processes